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About ' I am natural ' Products

About ' I am natural ' Products


About us

We all strive to give our pets the best in life but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what exactly is the best. Often we will look at a packet of treats or a dog shampoo and see a long list of ingredients that are difficult to decipher. It can be tricky to tell if what we are giving our dogs really is good for them. That’s why we’ve created i am natural – to provide grooming products for dogs that are pure, simple, good and natural.

Pure ingredients with no added nasties

Simple, straight forward recipes

Good products to benefit your pet without any added bad stuff

Natural ingredients with no artificial additives

As humans we are all concerned with the important relationship between what we eat and our health, actual ingredients and sources, seeking products free from artificial ingredients, colours, preservatives, excess sugars & salts, & so on.

This awareness for improving our lifestyles now extends to all members of our family, including our beloved pets.

The I am natural Philosophy

The i am natural philosophy embodies a commitment to you and your pets to provide natural alternatives for a healthier environment, lifestyle and altogether healthier pets.

We offer pet owners great value and the opportunity to buy premium products at everyday prices.