100% natural dog treats

Studley Car Boot

Another car boot Studley is definitely our favourite and so worth the early start 5.45am 😂 we aren't really morning people so takes us a bit of bickering to get started we tend to be more sociable after 8 !!!

We've got lots of 100% natural treats from your Ostrich Bone's to your chicken feet !! Toys, frisbees and lots of £1.00 puppy toys. 

Our JR Pure Meat sticks are one of our most popular seller's 10 sticks for £3.00.

We've also got various packs that people have requested  puppy pack's for £3 or £5, heavy chew pack for £7.50, rabbit ear misfits for £7.50

Pick and mix we've black pudding sticks various sausages , pork rolls with or without sausage and chicken feet.

Come and see us we'll try and help with your low fat, grain free or hypoallergenic options 🦴 

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