What to Do When It’s Fox Poo

What to Do When It’s Fox Poo

What to Do When It’s Fox Poo

Yep, it stinks! ‘Odour de fox poo’ is probably one of the worst smells your dog will ever bring home with him. Not only that, it’s one of the toughest odours to remove from your dog’s coat too.

If your dog’s a ‘roller’ you’ll be familiar with the scent and may have tried various products in your bathroom (and kitchen cupboard) to combat the smell. We know a few of our friends and their owners certainly have!

Knowing your dog’s passion for rolling in all things nasty, we’ve created our Fox Poo Shampoo ! No, it’s not a shampoo which features your dog’s favourite scent, but a product designed specifically to help remove all traces of fox poo and other foul odours from your dog’s coat.

Why use dog shampoo?

Dog shampoos have been specifically formulated for your dog’s coat and are less likely to cause irritation. Many dog shampoos will also include conditioners and other ingredients which help to keep your dog’s coat healthy too. Human shampoos and other alternatives haven’t been formulated to suit your dogs skin and may cause irritation.

Does it need to be a specific fox poo shampoo?

As you may already know, fox poo can be incredibly difficult to remove from your dog’s coat-  especially the smell. With this is mind, it can be difficult to eliminate the scent from the coat using any generic dog shampoo. A deodorising or fox poo specific shampoo is often recommended to remove the odour more effectively without the need to wash your dog multiple times.