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Beef Paddywack (tendon) 200g

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Approx 10 pieces of 10cm 200g 100% Natural paddy wack  for your Furry Friend! A "Honey, I'm home" treat! Paddy Wack delivers a crunchy chewing experience dogs absolutely love! High digestibility and the chewing helps promote healthy teeth and gums.


  • Suitable for: all dogs
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Gluten free and GMO Free


  • Great dental chews
  • Easily digestible 

Feeding Instructions:

One piece per day. For the safety of your pet, observation is recommended when feeding your pet treats, bones, or chews.

Ingredients: 100% cow neck tendon

Analytical Constituents: Protein 79%, Oil & fats 5%, Crude ash 1.7%, Moisture 7.7%