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Buoyant Dog toy Ball and Rope

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Buoyant Ball with Multicolour Rope


Extremely durable pet dog toy made from resilient EVA foam, so they are safe and easy to clean. The Centre for Health, Environment and Justice (CEHJ) recommends EVA as a safer PVC-free plastic alternative.

  • This ball is a great toy which can be thrown a fair distance and is great for playing in the water as its buoyant.
  • The sling ball has a 35cm rope  In addition the ball floats on the water-maximum fun guaranteed.
  • The special foam of this ball is extra light, odourless, buoyant as well as robust and bite-proof.
  • Bright yellow colour.
  • This ball with a rope is suitable for all dog sizes, including puppies.

2 Sizes 7cm Ball with a 45cm Rope or a 9cm Ball with a 45cm Rope