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Huge Air Dried Beef Leg

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Huge Beef Leg Air Dried

Meaty Beef Bone is the perfect treat for your pooch for his/her good behaviour.

Air dried meat on the bone provides protein as well as acts as digestive fibers, helping in absorption of nutrients during digestion.

Bone with marrow is a good source of nutrition.

Filled with the benefits of natural collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine

Bones have honey comb structure that collapses around tooth when chewed into. This means more effective cleaning of teeth and more chewing satisfaction.

The chewing action of eating the bones not only exercises jaw, neck and shoulder muscles but also cleans teeth and gums, for better oral hygiene.

Meat around the bones provides enhanced flavour and benefit from the additional protein and micronutrients

Immensely satisfying and relaxing experience for dogs.

Provides minerals to maintain bone and joint health.

Serves are a natural toothbrush for dental and oral hygiene


100% natural air dried products - therefore each treat is unique and will vary in size, shape & colour. They contain NO preservatives, additives, colouring and  flavouring. They are also NOT COOKED so bones do not splinter.