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Natural Rubber Spiky Dog Ball on a Nylon Strap

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Natural Rubber Spiky Ball on a Nylon Strap Interactive pet Training rope toy.

 3 Sizes 5cm,6cm and 7cm all on a 30cm Rope

  • Durable material: made of natural rubber, the dog ball on a nylon strap is non-toxic and harmless to your pet, strong enough and bite resistant.
  • Different colours: natural interactive rubber ball in red, yellow, orange and purple.
  • Interactive ball: there are bumps on the surface of the dog training ball, which allows your pets to hold on the rubber ball tightly or have a strong grip when playing with you.
  • Enjoy happy time: the durable nylon attached to the dog ball allows you to play throwing and catching games with your pets, enhancing the coordination of the dog's body, training their IQ.