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Optimised Energetics Colloidal Silver Cream For Pets

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Silver Cream is a moisturising, anti-fungal cream using the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver. This non-sticky cream is made from top quality Colloidal Silver containing Amber & Ionic Silver, made to exacting standards with medical grade equipment.

This 100ml pot contains 89% colloidal silver together with moisturising extra virgin coconut oil which is also anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, ideal for those dry skin issues.

This soothing, intensive, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral cream is recommended for a wide range of fungal skin conditions cuts and grazes.

Optimised Energetics is a family run business dedicated to supplying the finest quality colloidal silver products. Optimised Energetics use medical grade equipment in their production process in the UK, which ensures a well regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution. They also use pharmaceutical grade water which is "structured" to optimise its effectiveness.

How it Works; Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver is a negatively charged solution, making it effective in treating various problems. As it interacts with positively charged single-cell microorganisms, it disrupts the functions of these microbes. Colloidal silver for pets stops these microorganisms from receiving enzymes and oxygen, killing them effectively. Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver does not affect good bacteria nor interfere with other body processes, limiting any side effects your pet may experience from other medications. Furthermore, some specialists say that Kupfer cells in the liver store silver ions, allowing the body to fight off opportunistic microorganisms and infections.


Aqua, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate & PEG 100, Phenoxyethanol, Polyacrylic acid, Triethanolamine, CI 77820, Maltodexrin