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Pork Roll 10" 23cm Dog Chews x 5

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Pork rolls are naturally tasty treats which your dog will love.

These are completely natural treats made with 100% meat! Pork rolls are made with natural pork hide that has been pressed into shape and cooked. Pork hide is naturally hard and is a great treat to keep your dog entertained as they can chew them for a long time. And unlike many other treats, the flavour is in the hide so no flavourings or colourings are needed to get your dog interested. These natural snacks are air-baked and dried so that they keep their delicious natural flavour which dogs naturally love. Treat your dog to a few of these tasty natural treats now.

Why its so good!!

  • 100% Natural

  • Gluten Free

  • 100% High Quality Meat

  • No Artificial Flavourings

  • No Artificial Colourings

  • High In Protein

  • Low In Fat