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Colez Magnetic Therapy Dog Puppy Collar

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Colez Magnetic Therapy Dog Collar Reflective

Reflective Magnetic Dog Collar made using the best permanent magnets available Neodymium permanent Magnets(Rare-Earth) proven to alleviate joint pain. Helps to improve blood circulation and may help in alleviating stiff or arthritic joints.

    • FEATURES: Magnetic Therapy Collar in a bright red design with highly reflective  stitching to ensure high visibility at night.
    • MATERIAL: High Quality nylon webbing, durable, soft neoprene lining, comfortable, zinc alloy O-ring for your dog tag and quick and easy use.
    • ADVANTAGES: Natural non-invasive magnetic therapy can improve blood circulation and reduce arthritis in dogs.
    • DURABLE:
  • Particular attention has been paid to the construction of this collar, with materials, locks and stitching for durability and safety. 

Collar adjustment range: 28-41cm Medium size
Weight range: 5-20kg

Note: When measuring the pet's neck circumference please allow 2-3cm extra.