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Sausage Bundle 23 Sausages

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Sausage Bundle 23 Sausages - 

Black Pudding Sausages   x 2

Chicken Sausages x 2

Beef and Garlic x 2

Our Beef and Garlic, Black Pudding, and Chicken Sticks are 100% natural training treats for dogs which can be broken into smaller pieces when training a puppy recall. Packed with natural flavour and goodness, dogs of all ages find our Sticks irresistible.

Pork Roll x 1 

These are completely natural treats made with 100% meat! Pork rolls are made with natural pork hide that has been pressed into shape and cooked. Pork hide is naturally hard and is a great treat to keep your dog entertained as they can chew them for a long time. Frankie below loves a roll . 😂

Sausage Roll x 1

Our sausage rolls are naturally tasty treats which your dog will love. These are completely natural treats made with 100% meat! Our sausage rolls are a delicious sausage with pork hide wrapped around for added texture and flavour that your dog will love.

Gourmet Venison Sausages x 5

Gourmet Smokin' Chicken x 5 

Gourmet Roast Beef and Garlic x 5 

These sausages are a high value treat which dogs seem to really enjoy. They can be chopped into slightly smaller pieces to use for training. The sausages are roasted and then air dried. 

If there is a stock issue we may change the flavours.