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Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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Slow Feed Dog Bowl
  • 🐕【FUN AND HEALTHY EATING】Slow Feeding Bowls are designed to slow down feeding, encourage pets to eat or drink at a slower pace, preventing them from overeating, bloating/and obesity. The raised portion in the bowl separates the food and slows the dog's eating time by a factor of 5, effectively turning eating into a happy time. Eating slowly is healthier for your dog.
  • 🐕【BPA Free】Our slow food dog bowl, made of non-toxic, eco-friendly food grade PP material, is free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. Suitable for dry/wet food.
  • 🐕【Easy to Clean】Just rinse with water or put in the dishwasher, it doesn't require you to spend much time and effort. The top rack is dishwasher safe and can withstand 100 degree heat sterilization.
  • 🐕【Lightweight and Delicate】The dog bowl measures 23.5 x 18.5 x 5 cm. Suitable for dry, wet or raw food diets. This slow feeder dog bowl is suitable for small to medium sized dogs. This educational dog bowl can hold up to 1.5 cups of dog food (250g) or 2 cups of water (400ml).
  • 🐕【Non-Slip Design】There are 4 anti-slip pads at the bottom of the bowl to prevent sliding around when the dog is eating. Prevents the food bowl from moving around and you won't see a mess in the mat or the room.